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Who We Are

The School of Accounting and Management (SAM Caribbean Ltd) commenced operation in 1984 offering short training courses in Accountancy, Management and Marketing. SAM later expanded its training into professional programmes of Business Management, Hotel and Tourism Management, Accounting, Banking and Marketing.

From its inception SAM identified a significant gap in the education system. Students wanting to pursue business degrees only had two options - attending a full time school abroad or a local university. SAM realized there was a need and became an innovator and leader in the provision of full time, evenings or Saturday programmes. At that time it was unthinkable that a private institution could offer a globally recognized British degree which could be completed in just three years through an evening only or a Saturday only time schedule.


What We Do

SAM became the first institution in Trinidad and Tobago to offer recognized Bachelor Degrees on a three time option basis. Working persons were able to pursue a fully recognized degree in just three years while retaining their jobs.

Prior to SAM’s existence, it was impossible to obtain entry into degree programmes without full O’ Level certification and at least two A’ Levels. SAM’s founder “ Dr. Asaf Pirali, knocked on many doors” of British universities seeking alternative entry requirements based on work experience. This gave persons who had not excelled at secondary school an opportunity to pursue degree programmes.

SAM gradually increased its Bachelor and Master Degree programmes. We sought partners that offered the highest quality globally recognized education. Historically, we have maintained a policy of continuous improvement. We modify our programmes to ensure that they are relevant nationally, regionally and globally in keeping with the business environment.

Many of SAM’s graduates are employed internationally in Dubai, Egypt, Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada. SAM desired to offer a wider range of affordable MBA options to facilitate a wider cross section of Managers to access MBA programmes. In 2009, SAM introduced the Anglia Ruskin University MBA which offers specialized options in Leadership; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Human Resource Management; Marketing; Management; Project Management and Finance.

In 2011 SAM proudly achieved another milestone by offering M.Sc. programmes in modern technologies such as Network Security and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Through the Anglia Ruskin University SAM also offers DBA and PhD programmes. SAM provides national access to students by providing a North and South campus.

SAM was founded on the principle of integrity and ascribes its success to the founder’s faith in God who believes that “the two most valuable assets anyone can achieve are an excellent education that is globally recognized and knowledge and faith in the true and living God.”

SAM has produced thousands of graduates who have come from every sector of society. SAM continues to be a leader and innovator in the provision of private business tertiary education.