• To take a holistic view of complex organisational problems from a strategic perspective.
  • To review conventional practices surrounding the prescriptive approach to strategy and subject them to a thorough and rigorous critique.
  • To evaluate contemporary approaches to strategy, including emergent, collaborative and entrepreneurial approaches.


Target Audience:

This programme targets a wide audience including: all levels of Marketing employees, Marketing Professionals, Sales Executives, Purchasing officers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Business Service Providers, Business Managers, New Business Developers, Entrepreneurs and anyone with a keen interest in Building Business Relationships.



  • Introduction to business-to-business relationships. Understanding the supply chain.
  • Relationship Marketing as a Strategy for Competitive advantage: Discussion/ application to different industries.
  • Identifying Business Segments and business relationships: Segmenting industries/organisations/ relationships.
  • Understanding Organizational Buyer Behaviour process: Discussion of formal buying process and Departmental relationships (Production, Purchasing, Marketing/ sales).
  • Identifying key variables for building successful relationships: Discussion of Model/ case study applied.
  • Creating business networks and partnerships: Discussion of Model/ application to relationships along the supply chain.
  • Retaining Business Relationships: Application to growth and competitive advantage.


Duration: 21 hours


Price: $3,500