This course will look into contemporary methods and approaches to problem solving by integrating critical thinking into the decision making process. Decision making is a central skill for executives and entrepreneurs alike. Solving strategic problems by making successful decisions can make your business, but unsuccessful decisions can break your business. This is especially important in the presence of uncertainty with our current local and global socio-economic climate.


Target Audience:

This programme targets a wide audience including: Managers, Directors, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and anyone with a keen interest in making right business decisions and solving problems.



Problem Solving
  • What it is?
  • Why it’s important to organisations?
  • Overview of tools and frameworks
Decision Making
  • Why decision making can be difficult
  • Tools and frameworks
  • Decision making in organisational contexts
Management of Risk
  • Identifying risks
  • Mitigating risks
  • Acceptable risks
Decision Trees, Scenario Modelling
  • Using tools to enhance robust decision making
  • Visual aids to decision making
  • Predicting how decision may work (or not)
Behavioural aspects and combined approach
  • Decision making and the connection to individual and group behaviour
  • Putting decisions into practice
  • Making a case and gaining support
  • Evaluation of decision making processes and outcomes
Weaknesses of Systematic Approaches
  • Critical analysis of current approaches to decision making Mind Games.


Duration: 21 hours


Price: $3,500