This module will introduce and develop the skills and knowledge surrounding entrepreneurship and business start-up. The core to this module will involve developing an understanding of the key stages associated with a business start-up. In addition, the module will explore the practical skills required to establish an entrepreneurial venture and the processes associated with: the management of all the elements connected with business planning: for example; creativity, management and leadership and building key business relationships, financial planning and understanding the importance of setting and achieving realistic goals.


Target Audience:

This programme targets a wide audience including: all levels of employees, Entrepreneurs and anyone with a keen interest in Entrepreneurial Management.



  • Creativity and Idea generation (putting the idea into practice): Exploring how to develop an idea into a business opportunity. Fostering a culture of creativity and the benefits of a creative organisation.
  • Traits, attitudes and behaviour of the entrepreneur: Customers: who are they and what do they want. Evaluating Customer Demand Levels.
  • Introducing the purpose of business plans: why write it, what should it include: Environmental analysis, operations of the business, marketing aspect, finance, and keeping the business legal and ethical.
  • The importance of accurate market research: Planning and managing market research.
  • The importance of cash flow, break even points and financial planning.
  • Role of the Government: Designing a brand for your business ideas. Brief discussion on the cultural differences and their brand in Trinidad (Case studies will be used).
  • The importance of building a brand: Digital Tools for Generating Sales. Digital Tools for engaging your customer. Case Study.
  • Identifying the challenges associated with Entrepreneurial ventures-SME’S: Identifying challenges and creating competitive advantage for your business idea.


Duration: 21 hours


Price: $3,500