1. Critically evaluate classical leadership models and assess their relevance for leadership in the 21st century organisations.
  2. Demonstrate a critical awareness of contemporary trends and practices in leadership.
  3. Critically reflect on your own personal effectiveness and development as a leader in preparation for a more advanced role within the organisation.


Target Audience:

This programme targets a wide audience including: Entrepreneurs, Leaders, CEOs, Managers, Senior
Supervisors, Church Leaders, Family Business Preparation for Succession and anyone with a keen
interest in the 21st Century Leader.



  • Introduction to Leadership: To evaluate definitions of leadership.
  • Classical Leadership, Situational & Contingency Models: To evaluate classical models and apply to one’s own personal development. To evaluate situational and contingency approaches to leadership.
  • Power & Politics, Emotional Intelligence: To evaluate the role of power, politics & influence in the work environment. To assess Goleman’s 5 point framework and evaluate more recent research on EQ.
  • Psychodynamics & Leadership, Leader-led Relationships: To critically assess the link between psychodynamics & leadership. To investigate the complex relationships between leaders & followers.
  • Entrepreneurship & Leadership: To analyse the leader as entrepreneur.
  • Creativity & Leadership: To assess the leader & creativity.
  • Charismatic & Transformational Leadership, Moral & Spiritual Leadership: To evaluate the strengths/weaknesses of charismatic leaders. To assess recent research in spiritual leadership.


Duration: 21 hours


Price: $3,500