Further development of relevant employability and professional skills.


Target Audience:

This programme targets a wide audience including: all levels of Marketing Managers, Marketing Employees, companies with the intention of being innovative with their marketing strategies, Entrepreneurs and anyone with a keen interest in Marketing Design.



  • Introduction/ Issues and Considerations.
  • Distinguishing design and innovation concepts - to understand the rationale of the module: linking marketing, design & innovation; Why the need for innovation.
  • Product and services - characteristics of product and services.
  • Design and Innovation process and challenges - to critically determine and evaluate how design and innovation processes work.
  • Brand building and strengthening - to understand how design and innovation help to grow and strengthen brands.
  • Design, style and market gain - to look at how competitive market position can be strengthened via innovative design.
  • Company requirements for innovation - internal and external dynamics that contribute to innovativeness.
  • Risk and uncertainty in design/innovation - to consider risk measurement and define market uncertainty in the design and innovation process.


Duration: 21 hours


Price: $3,500